At St Ann’s, we view education as a cooperative effort between the school, parents and the students. It is important that we all play our part in making this a productive and joyful time for all of our students, their families and our staff. As an independent school, St. Ann’s provides a wide variety of opportunities for parents and parishioners to volunteer their time, gifts and talents. Volunteers can choose to join a larger, organized group or simply offer an individual effort when/if they feel they have the time or resources to help out with an individual function. Their efforts are sincerely appreciated and help set St. Ann’s apart from public schools. That said, there is no requirement or expectation of parents to volunteer.

On an individual level, we would like to thank the parents who take time to help in the classrooms, chaperone field trips, assist in coaching the volleyball, basketball and track and field teams, aid in the music ministries, lend a hand in our library and even help decorate and clean up before and after events, etc. Thank You!

Some of the organized volunteer groups that offer their support throughout the year for our school include the Parent Support Group, the School Council, the Knights of Columbus, the CWL and our Parish Members. More information regarding some of these groups and their generosity is detailed below:

Parent Support Group (PSG)

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is an invaluable team of hard-working, enthusiastic mothers, that go above and beyond the call of duty in giving of themselves to ensure that St. Ann’s reaches its full potential. Their efforts help foster a genuine sense of family at St. Ann’s. They support the school with many fundraisers such as “Lady Loonie Night”, “The Annual Garage Sale” and more. They prepare delicious, hot lunches every month for the students and staff and as a special treat on Fridays, they make popcorn for only a $1.00 a bag. The PSG provide school uniforms for parents to purchase. They also organize and coordinate extra curricular activities for the school such as the “School Fun Night”, “The Hallowe’en Family Dinner Dance”, “The Christmas Family Dinner” and much more.

School Council

The School Council acts as the governing body over the school as does the school district to a public school. It is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated individuals including the school principal, the parish priest, parents and/or parishioners that are convicted by the cause of continual improvement. The School Council is the primary avenue for involvement of parents within the school. It is the responsibility of the council to approve and direct any parent group, working or acting on behalf of the school.

Some of the council’s objectives include:

  • To foster the full Christian education and development of our children within the framework of a Catholic environment and philosophy and to encourage the development of true Catholic values.
  • To encourage the attainment of high academic standards and to promote good citizenship.
  • To be responsible for administering the financial operations of the school


“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Mark 10:45


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