St. Ann’s Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff work exceptionally well together as a team and take pride in their work individually.

Pastor and Spiritual Advisor Father Vincent
Principal A. Gilmore Email
Office Manager T. Sia Email
Learning ResourceTeacher J. Pellerin Email
Grade 6/7 A. Weston Email
Grade 5/6 K. Cameron Email
Grade 3/4 N. Walsh Email
Grade 2/3 C. Leonard Email
Grade 1/2 L. VanBakel Email
Kindergarten/1 S.Veitch Email
Music & Religion M. Van denElzen
Education Assistant R. Ferreira
Education Assistant S. Vaughan
Education Assistant R. Girard
Preschool Manager M. Blair Email
After School Clubs S. Howe
Bus Driver D. Janzen
Bus Driver A. Regner