St. Ann’s Staff

Our teaching staff work exceptionally well together as a team and take pride in their work individually.

Pastor and Spiritual Advisor Father Emmanuel
Principal Ms. T. Milley
Office Manager Ms. S. Ward Email
Inclusive Education & Prep
Ms. Y. Vandeweghe Email
Inclusive Education & Prep
Mr. A. Weston Email
Grade 6/7 Mrs. J. Rodman
Grade 5/6 Mr. N. Walsh Email
Grade 3/4 Mrs. C. Leonard Email
Grade 1/2 Mrs. L. VanBakel Email
Kindergarten/Grade 1 Mrs. S.Veitch Email
Education Assistant Mrs. S. Vaughan Email
Education Assistant Ms. A. Hunder Email
Education Assistant Ms. K. England Email
Preschool Manager Ms. M. Blair Email
Before & After School Clubs Mrs. K. Bonenfant Email
After School Club Mr. M. Harlos Email
Bus Driver A. Hunder Email
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