We are currently in need of an ECE PreSchool Manager and an additional ECE Worker!  Please see the application instructions on this posting:  ECE Manager: https://makeafuture.applytoeducation.com/Applicant/AttJobPosting.aspx?JOB_POSTING_ID=4e551176-d9e1-4d47-8717-3017b518618e

ECE Worker:


We also need a Teacher to teach elective classes to cover Teacher Preps.  Currently this would be a French assignment, but it has been Music and Religion in the past, and is negotiable.  We need a minimum of 0.35 FTE but can increase up to 1.0 if desired: https://makeafuture.applytoeducation.com/Applicant/AttJobPosting.aspx?JOB_POSTING_ID=ea694309-818f-4316-a591-cec620814856.

For current career postings in the Catholic Independent Schools Kamloops Diocese, please see CISKD Careers.