St. Ann’s Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff work exceptionally well together as a team and take pride in their work individually. Their combined experience exceeds 88 years as educators. Qualifications and training include Seven (7) Undergraduate Degrees and two (2) Masters Degrees. These also include the following specialties: One (1) Special Education Degree, One (1) Physical Education Degree, One (1) Guidance Degree (Masters) One (1) Religious Studies Degree, One (1) Religious Education Degree (Masters).

Pastor and Spiritual Advisor Father Andrew L’ Heureux
Principal T. Milley Email
Office Manager C. Barbosa Email
Learning Assistance Teacher W. Chapman Email
Grade 6/7 C. Petrocco Email
Grade 4/5 A. Zeman Email
Grade 3/4 A. Weston Email
Grade 2 C. Leonard Email
Grade 1 L. Barnwell Email
Kindergarten H. Novak Email
Educational Assistant S. Vaughan
Educational Assistant S. Veitch
Bus Driver D. Janzen